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UNDP helps Turkmenistan build trade capacity

The United Nations Development Program, with the assistance of Turkmenistan's Ministry of Trade and WEC, has been implementing the "Building Turkmenistan's Trade Opportunities" project since 2019, which included virtual training sessions from January 12-26, 2022.

The events were held with the participation of foreign consultants E. Pomerlyan and V. Trofimchuk ("Crown Agents"). The experts organized interactive discussions on the art of negotiation process and conflict resolution. Risk management tools, trade research and many other issues were also considered.

Participants in the online seminar included representatives from a number of Turkmen ministries and departments, the Chamber of Commerce, the Central Bank, the State Bank of Foreign Economic Activity, the State Customs Service, the Turkmenstandartlary Main State Service, the State Service and Disease Control of the Ministry of Health, the SCSB, and the SPPT. It is expected that the training will help improve the skills of Turkmen specialists, which will lead to an increase in the country's export opportunities.

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