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Russia shows interest in the TAPI gas pipeline initiated by Turkmenistan

Gas pipeline

A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry called the prospect of participation in the TAPI gas pipeline project initiated by Turkmenistan "politically attractive. In an interview with TASS, Zamir Kabulov, head of the Asia Department II of the Russian Foreign Ministry and Special Representative of the Russian President for Afghan Affairs, noted that the Russian leadership is positively considering the possibility of the state's participation in the TAPI gas pipeline project.

The Russian diplomat noted that previously the most problematic issues in the practical implementation of TAPI were considered to be security issues. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that at the moment these issues have begun to lose their acuteness and the prospect of participation is viewed positively by the Russian leadership. This is how Kabulov responded to a journalist's question about the possibility of Russia's participation in the project.

The Russian special representative stressed that the final decision depends on the profitability and commercial nuances for economic operators.



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