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Russian P4EC and UNICEF resume cooperation in Turkmenistan

P4EC and UNICEF Reengage in Turkmenistan

P4EC and UNICEF resume collaboration in Turkmenistan in 2022. P4EC is a Russian nonprofit formation, the Center for Development of Innovative Social Services - Interaction for Every Child. The organizations entered into an agreement aimed at renewing their partnership with the Turkmen government to improve the system of social protection and child protection this year.

P4EC has long worked with UNICEF and the Government of Turkmenistan to create the LRC Foundation Joint Program on implementing social services at the local level. During this period the Center was actively involved in shaping the provision of social services in the country. They have been provided with appropriate technical support, which has allowed for a coherent and cohesive approach to improving social services in Turkmenistan.

Thanks to this mutual cooperation, important technical expertise and knowledge were obtained, which led to important results: 45 social workers, who passed the necessary courses, were included in the staff of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and the corresponding expenses for their maintenance were included in the state budget. In addition, the year 2021 was marked by the adoption of the new Law on Social Services.

In continuation of their engagement with the Government of Turkmenistan, P4EC and UNICEF will provide technical support to strengthen and improve the system of social services and child protection in the country to support the Turkmen Government's efforts to achieve the SDGs. Joint activities will also contribute to institutional change and enable more effective delivery of comprehensive social services and child protection services through legally established referral structures at the velayat and etrap levels.

According to Alexander Nartea, UNICEF Deputy Representative in Turkmenistan, continued cooperation with P4EC will further strengthen the unified system of social protection and child protection. This, in turn, will benefit Turkmenistan as the scope of partnership fully corresponds with the priorities of the National Action Plan on the implementation of children's rights in the country.



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