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The Russian TV channel "Kultura" released the film "Turkmen. The Heat of the Earth."

Russian TV channel "Culture" within the framework ethnographic project "The Land of Men." showed the film "Turkmen. The Heat of the Earth.". How we wrote earlier, the film crew worked in the Neftekumsk, Blagodarensk and Turkmen districtscapturing culture, everyday life, and the history of the residents of Turkmen settlements in the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation.

The characters in the film are. descendants of the Turkmen nationwhose ancestors settled in Stavropol four centuries ago. About Turkmen traditions and history the screens tell the story shepherds, farmers, athletes, historians, folklorists, housewives. Journalists documented the cutting of a child's belly, the wrestling of kurash, and tasted pilaf and shuluma.

The nationalities of the Stavropol Territory are the subject of two more films of "People's Land": "Pontians. Cheese, Wine, Love" - to the Greeks, "The Last Nomads of Europe" - to the Nogai.



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