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A Trans-Asian leopard caught in a photo trap in Kazakhstan

A rare Persian leopard has been spotted in Ustyurt Nature Reserve. According to the Minister of Ecology M. Mirzagaliyev (Kazakhstan), the predator most likely got into the protected territory of Mangistau region from Turkmenistan.

The population of the Persian leopard, totals only 870-1.3 thousand individualsTherefore, the animal needs to be protected at the state level. Considering the value of this species, the Persian leopard is included in the Red Books of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Turkmenistan. The results of scientific expeditions in Kopetdag, Badkhyz, in Bolshoi Balkhan testify to the restoration of the number of the rare leopard species in our country. Kazakhstan, in turn, is also preparing to include the Caucasian leopard in the Red Book.


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