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Turkmenistan's national team can get a technical victory over the DPRK - the decision is up to the AFC

Turkmenistan's national team can get a technical victory over the DPRK - the decision is up to the AFC

The national team of Turkmenistan can get a technical victory over the DPRK at the end of the selection process for the 2022 World Cup. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) must make a decision on this issue. The North Korean federation has already officially confirmed its refusal to participate in the subsequent qualifying matches, which were to determine the composition of participants in the World Cup-22 in Qatar and the Asian Cup scheduled to be held in 2023 in China.

More detailed data on the situation in the standings of Group H will be available soon. Now the Organizing Committee of the FIFA competition is focused on the resolution of this issue.

First there was the DPRK's refusal to participate in the Tokyo Olympics because of the threat of COVID-19 - the decision to stop participating in the qualifying matches probably has the same reason.

The North Korean national soccer team has already played 5 matches out of 8 needed, scoring 8 points.

The International Football Federation has the right to award the DPRK team a technical defeat with a score of 0:3 in the remaining three matches. The South Korean, Sri Lankan and Turkmen teams were to be the opponents of the Koreans.

The regulations stipulate that if a team in the tournament has already played half of the matches scheduled by the schedule, its refusal to participate in the tournament may be a reason for awarding such a team a technical defeat. As a result, the withdrawing team suffers a 0-3 defeat and its opponents get a 3-0 technical victory. The competitors are also awarded three points.

Turkmenistan is currently the leader of Group H. He has 9 points on his account. Behind Turkmenistan, the national teams of North Korea, Lebanon, South Korea - all of them managed to earn 8 points. However, the South Korean team has one more game in reserve.

The venue for the remaining Group H matches will be the Republic of Korea, where they will be played from June 5 to 15 this year. According to the schedule, Turkmenistan will play South Korea on June 5 and Lebanon on June 9. Turkmenistan was scheduled to play North Korea on June 15.

The result of the second qualifying series of the World Cup-22 will be the emergence of 12 teams, of which 8 are the winners of their groups and 4 - the best of those who were in the second position.

The World Cup in Qatar is scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 19, 2022.

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