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Garagum Agro will help agricultural producers in Turkmenistan to increase crop yields

Garagum Agro will help agricultural producers in Turkmenistan to increase crop yields

Specialists of "Garagum Agro", having a great luggage of theoretical and practical knowledge, help agricultural producers of Turkmenistan to increase crop yields and to move to a new level of agribusiness. The company employs staff with considerable experience in practical work in the agricultural sector, as well as academic degrees.

Despite the fact that the association is quite young, their assistance to Turkmen farmers in the legal and technical field is in great demand. According to Akmurat Yylkibayev, the executive director of Garagum Agro, Turkmenistan is constantly improving legislation related to environmental protection, as the country seeks not only to preserve but also to strengthen well-being in this area. The enterprise helps private entrepreneurs to correct their activities so that they are in full compliance with the current laws and regulations, and assists in issuing permits for special water use.

Another important field of activity of "Garagum Agro" is to ensure careful water use. Modern technologies used in this area can provide incredibly high yields. Specialists of the enterprise help agricultural producers to choose the right technique and calculate the required amount of water for irrigation. They have a sufficient level of expert knowledge to give each farmer the most suitable recommendations for his farm.

Even small adjustments made in accordance with the recommendations of specialists of the farming community, will help farmers significantly increase the volume of harvested crops. The company is not only able to offer clients a full range of services in the agricultural sector, but also to provide full support in the practical implementation of projects of various scales.

Currently, the firm is introducing drip irrigation system in the Akhal velayat. The works are carried out on the territory of the farm "Kumush Yupek", which is located in Ak Bugday etrap. There, on 41 hectares, it is planned to plant 30 thousand seedlings of mulberry trees. In the future, these plants will be used to grow silkworm cocoons.

The farm "Garagum Agro" is negotiating with farms located in the territory of Akhal and Balkan velayats regarding participation in the formation of irrigation systems. In the first case, it is expected to organize drip irrigation of trees occupying 60 hectares in Bakhardena etrap. In the second case, sprinkling method will be used to irrigate 1000 hectares of alfalfa.

The company also plans to develop activities aimed at the introduction of "green" energy in agriculture in Turkmenistan - the country's climatic characteristics allow the effective use of solar energy for the needs of the agricultural sector.

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