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"People don't have enough kindness now"-an interview with Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Olga Volkova

These days, artists of the Pushkin State Russian Drama Theater are on tour in Mary, presenting the play "Ando and Sandro" by Ossetian playwright Georgy Khugaev. Olga Volkova, an Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, who played Margo on stage, answered correspondent's questions:

-Tell us how the idea for "Andro and Sandro" came about?

- You know, it all started with the dramaturgy: we read the play, collected materials, watched films and plays, Ossetian authors. The director drew parallels between the story told in the play and today's time, which made the production of the play relevant.

How long does makeup take?

- The work of the makeup artists is also very responsible and takes 20-25 minutes, depending on the age of the actor. For example, the actor playing the role of Andro, Kerim Atayev, is very young and they "turn" him into an old man. The makeup artists use toothpaste to give him gray hair (laughs).

- Describe the character of your heroine in three words?

- Love for people. It seems to me that people nowadays lack kindness. You need to be in harmony with yourself. Today's people are devoured by mercantilism, but in this play this character trait is absent at all. Each of the characters cares for one another as if they were their own. There is a lack of humanity now, when people are able to care for the other more than they care for themselves. If people think about it, life would be much better.

-The pros and cons of your heroine?

- And there are no minuses at all. The disadvantages that my heroine has, everyone has. That's the appeal of the image, which is distinguished by her love of life and humanity. In the play there are no negative heroes, only positive ones. If my heroine quarrels with her husband (Andro), these quarrels are all love quarrels. We wanted people to start loving, appreciating, and respecting each other by watching our play.

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  • "Each hero worries for each other as if he were his own" - what language is that in?
    It would be more correct: "All the characters feel for one another as if they were their own" or "Each of the characters feels for the other as if they were their own" or "Each of the characters feels for the other as if they were their own.
    My opinion, if you write in Russian - write correctly.