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For the first time there was a tournament for the right to hold the championship belt in kickboxing

The national school of kickboxing has now received a new impetus in its development. The other day, in the sports school of Geoktepe etrap of Akhal velayat, title fights for the right to possess the championship belt were held for the first time.

Participation and winning such fights opens an international rating for the athlete, where certain points are credited. Its records are kept by the experts of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WADO), which, in the future, gives the right to perform at major international competitions.

Among the capital's athletes, the first title victories were won by Kuvvat Ataev in the 63.5 kg weight category and Akmyrat Akiyev in the 67 kg weight category. The third champion's belt went to Turkmenabat native Mustafa Najmuddin.

Kickboxers from Ashgabat became gold medal winners in classical duels, winning eight of twelve possible victories. Two top awards went to Dashoguz province. One gold medal each went to athletes from Akhal and Balkan velayats.

Turkmen kickboxing masters will begin preparing for international tournaments, including the World Cup Diamond, in the spring and summer.

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