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Dashoguz schoolchildren told about the capital of Turkmenistan in poems and drawings

Dashoguz schoolchildren told about the capital of Turkmenistan in poems and drawings

Schoolchildren from Dashoguz velayat participated in a creative contest dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the capital of Turkmenistan. The contest was organized by the velayat division of the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization. Makhtumkuli, the main education department of Dashoguz velayat, the editorial office of the newspaper "Daşoguz habarlary" and the "Bagtyýar eýýam", which works in the field of education.

In accordance with the requirements of the competition, competitors showed the jury their drawings and poems about Ashgabat. The artworks were made in gouache, and the rhyming lines were composed not only in Turkmen, but also in English and Russian. One could see the best samples of painting at the thematic exhibition organized in the foyer of the velaiat regional history museum.

Schoolchildren from all etraps within Dashoguz velayat submitted their works for the contest.

Ainur Hudaibergenova from Akdepi etrap won the nomination "Best Turkmen-language poem". She studies in the 10th grade of secondary school No. 33. Leyli Zafarova, an eighth-grader studying at school No. 24 in Dashoguz city with profound study of foreign languages, wrote the "Best Russian-language poem". The best English-language poem was a rhyming dedication to Ashgabat by Lachin Ojibayeva, 11th-grader of Dashoguz special school № 26.

Feruza Atabaeva, a tenth-grader at Dashoguz School No. 23 with profound study of foreign languages, was recognized the best artist.

The winners of the contest were entitled to one free training cycle at the Bagtyýar eýýam educational center. The winners of the competition, who won silver and bronze, were awarded certificates of honor and souvenirs from the organizers.

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  • Hello, I'm Leili Zafarova, I wrote poems in Russian about the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat and won 1st place in this competition.