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High school students of Turkmenistan participate in the International Olympiad

High school students in Turkmenistan are representing the country at the International Olympiad in Exact Disciplines. The two-round event began Jan. 7, 2021, and will conclude Jan. 12. It takes place in Kazakhstan in an online format.

Over 1,000 intellectuals from 21 countries will demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics, physics and computer science. High school students of Turkmenistan will face off against talented peers from Russian, Kazakh, Georgian, Iranian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Belarusian, Danish, Indian, Azerbaijani, Mongolian, Romanian and other educational institutions in an intellectual contest.

The team of Turkmen intellectuals was formed from 10 students of Ashgabat and Velayat schools in the country. All of them are undoubtedly talented and have in-depth knowledge in the exact disciplines.

According to high school students, such duels are not only an opportunity to test their wits against other contestants, but also a way to make a statement, test their knowledge and demonstrate their skills. The competitive aspect encourages you to look for ways to express yourself in the most vivid way and work with full dedication. All in order to represent your country with dignity, becoming the best of the best.

At the moment in Turkmenistan the process of large-scale innovative reforms continues, affecting, among others, the educational sphere. The country has also formed the traditions of the national mathematical school. The annual triumph of Turkmen schoolchildren in the prestigious Olympiads in the most diverse fields of study is the result of all these developments.

In this intellectual competition, the winner will be determined by an authoritative jury. This will allow participants of the International Olympiad to get a reliable basis for further improvement of their knowledge and skills in the exact sciences.


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