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Students of Turkmenistan are the winners of the International Mathematics Olympiad

Students of Turkmenistan are the winners of the International Mathematics Olympiad

The team of students from Turkmenistan participating in the International Mathematics Olympiad showed outstanding results and became the absolute leader in the intellectual competition. The Turkmen students won 19 individual and 3 team victories. The event was held online from May 5 to 8, and for the first time it was hosted by the International University for Humanities and Development (IUHCD).

The Olympics were held in both individual and team competitions. Its language was English. The intellectual competition brought together 600 participants from 17 countries representing 84 universities. Mathematicians from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Poland, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Argentina, Greece, Romania, Turkey, China, India, and Indonesia demonstrated their mathematical abilities.

The Turkmen team consisted of 205 students representing 17 universities. It was the team that became the absolute leader of the Olympiad, winning 121 diplomas of all three degrees.

It should be noted that in the team competition of the 3 wins - only one is for the students of the organizing university. The other two were won by the team representing Makhtumkuli TSU.

But in the individual competition MUGNIR students managed to get ahead of Mahtumkuli TSU by one victory - they won six first places against five. The remaining prizes were distributed among a number of other higher educational institutions of the country.

As for the second and third places, they are 27 and 67, respectively, in the individual competition. In the team competition only one second place was won by the student team of the organizing university. Four third places were distributed among other Turkmen universities - Gosenergoinstitut, Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute named after S. Seidi, Engineering-Technological Institute named after A.N. Shahmatov, and other institutions of higher education of Turkmenistan. S. Seidi, the Oguzkhan State University of Engineering and Technology, and the State University of Turkmenistan. Oguzkhan Engineering University and the State Architecture and Construction Institute.

Representatives of foreign universities won 27 victories and 91 prizes in the individual round, and in the team stage of the Olympiad - 5 victories and 15 prizes.



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