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Turkmenistan Super Cup. "Kopetdag vs.

Ashgabat, March 7, /Arzuw NEWS/. Turkmenistan Super Cup in futsal was played today in the Olympic city.

The meeting was held between the winner of the last season of the Championship of Turkmenistan - the team "Kopetdag" and the winner of the Cup of Turkmenistan - the team "Migration". The match ended with a score of 5-2, in favor of the team "Kopetdag".

"The opposing team is definitely strong and was set up defensively. We used different tactics and they met our expectations. The team did well and I'm proud of my team and everyone involved in this victory.

Mergen Orazov, head coach of Kopetdag in the capital.

At the moment, teams are preparing hard for the championship of Turkmenistan, which begins March 9 and will continue until October 10, 2020.

Note that today's meeting was organized by the Football Federation of Turkmenistan.

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