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Head of Turkmenistan outlines key vectors of fuel and energy sector development in 2022

Head of Turkmenistan outlines key vectors of fuel and energy sector development in 2022

During an extended government meeting within the framework of the extraordinary meeting of the Khalk MaslakhatyThe President of Turkmenistan outlined the key vectors of development of the country's fuel and energy complex this year.

Among them, the Turkmen leader named the improvement and development of the oil and gas sector, the formation of new innovative industries that will carry out the processing of hydrocarbons, diversification of exports, as well as the creation of a multivariant network of pipelines for transportation of energy resources.

In his speech, the head of Turkmenistan drew the attention of those present to the steps that should be taken to successfully implement the goals. In particular, he instructed:

  • to continue activities aimed at comprehensive renewal of the fuel and energy complex, to increase the volume of foreign investment in order to carry out projects for the exploration and development of new deposits, to increase oil and gas production and oil and gas refining;
  • to continue the active development of existing fields - Nebitdag, Goturdepe, Barsagelmez and others, as well as to continue to work on the territory of Galkynyş gas deposits;
  • actively implement the TAPI gas pipeline project, which will supply "blue fuel" from Turkmenistan to India, through the territories of Afghanistan and Pakistan;
  • to carry out the required activities aimed at increasing the volume of deep refining and producing new varieties of petroleum products with high added value;
  • continue the construction of new gas-processing plants and increase the volume of production and exports of liquefied gas;
  • to continue activities on the digitalization of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan, to ensure global energy security by increasing the volume and developing new areas of exports of Turkmen "blue fuel" to foreign markets.



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