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Head of Turkmenistan suggested using licorice root in the fight against COVID-19

On December 25, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov focused on key issues of national importance at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which was attended by the governors of the provinces and the capital.

Considering the topic The fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the worldThe leader of the Turkmen nation emphasized the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of this virus. In particular, he spoke about the rich natural resources of our country, which have been used for various ailments since ancient times. Twelve volumes are devoted to this subject of the book "Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov paid special attention to the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of licorice medicines. There are 15 species of this plant in the world, 4 of which are found in Turkmenistan. The President emphasized the effectiveness of the use of licorice root in Cough and upper respiratory tract diseases. According to scientists, this plant has in its composition glycyrrhizic acidwhich is actively fighting a new coronavirus.

The President advocated organizing joint work with foreign specialists on this issue and instructed the head of the Academy of Sciences to study the properties of Turkmen licorice as an antiviral agent. The head of the Turkmen nation noted that Turkmenistan has a significant stock of this cropThe minister of health and the medical industry has been given the task of modernizing existing pharmaceutical production facilities and constructing new ones. In this regard, the Minister of Health and Medical Industry has been charged with the modernization of existing pharmaceutical production facilities and the construction of new ones.


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