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Turkmen and Uzbek scientists will participate in a joint competition

The contest of research projects organized by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan is held under a bilateral agreement on cooperation in science. This is reported by the online publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age.

According to the terms of the competition, the research project must be implemented by a joint Turkmen-Uzbek team of scientists. To apply, it is necessary to fill out a set of documentation, which is provided by the Turkmen Academy of Sciences. The documents for participation in the contest should be submitted until March 31 of this year.

Research papers can be submitted in one of the following areas: molecular biology, energy, nano-, bio-, chemical technologies, genetics, medicine, study of the properties of new materials, ecology, agriculture, technology of medicine production. It is also possible to submit a research paper in the humanities.


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