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"Turkmenhaly will build an artistic carpet enterprise in Dashoguz

GO "Turkmenhaly" is building an enterprise for the production of Turkmen art carpets in the center of Dashoguz velayat. The complex will consist of a production workshop, administration, a workshop, a warehouse and a subdivision of admission services.

This will be the 13th factory in the northern region, which will be launched in honor of the 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan. In 2020 it is planned to open similar factories in Ashgabat, Lebap, Akhal and Mary velayats.

GO "Turkmenhaly" is the main seller of handmade Turkmen carpets in the world. The company is engaged in manufacturing carpets and products, as well as restoring ancient patterns and products. At present "Turkmenhaly" includes 8 enterprises dealing with art carpet making. It is more than 100 workshops and sites located all over Turkmenistan. More than 5000 workers are involved in production of Turkmen carpets in the enterprises.

Carpet making in Dashoguz province has centuries-old roots. Now the ancient techniques are complemented by modern techniques, which make the products even more artistic and technically advanced.


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