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Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan considered prospects of partnership in logistics and construction

Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan considered prospects of partnership in logistics and construction

Companies of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan held a video conference, during which they considered the prospects of partnership in the logistics and construction fields. Delegates of the Turkmen Logistics Association SPPT and Caspian Energy Club Company were involved in the event held in the B2B format. The representatives of the diplomatic missions in the respective states supported the video-forum.

Delegates from SPPT and Caspian Energy Club had already held an introductory meeting in early April. During it the organization of the current business forum was agreed in advance. Its main purpose is to exchange data on activities of key Turkmen and Azerbaijani companies and their opportunities.

The first part of the online meeting was devoted to demonstration of presentation clips, telling about the activities of representatives of the Baku International Sea Commercial Port, North West Construction, "Turkmen Logistics" Association, LV Shipping & Transport company, SPPT and the prospects for expansion of partnership.

The second part was devoted to discussing questions and proposals for further cooperation. Representatives of Azerbaijan mainly asked questions about the conditions of participation in tenders. They were also interested in the rules of doing business and opening representative offices in Turkmenistan. Participants in the talks, representing the Turkmen side, suggested organizing joint business tours to visit some of the most interesting enterprises.

This business forum allowed its participants to carry out a constructive dialogue, getting answers to their questions of interest and significantly simplifying the task of finding common points of contact for the Turkmen and Azerbaijani business circles. This will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the Turkmen-Azerbaijani partnership.

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