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Turkmenistan can become a producer of innovative fuel

Ph.D. and expert A. Ilyasov on the results of an analysis of the capabilities of the Seyda refinery spoke about the prospects for the production of new fuel. We are talking about high octane fuel AI-100 with a unique composition. This fuel is essential for modern boosted engines, which produce high power and economical consumption.

What are the advantages of AI-100?

The qualitative difference with AI-95 is significant. In the 100th gasoline there are new additives, which, firstly, block the formation of deposits. And second, a special sterilizing additive Keeps the fuel system clean for many years to come.

Foreign experience has shown that during the 100-hour operation of the engine on AI-100 there is no coking of the injectors and the fuel injection time is reduced. This improves the efficiency of gasoline combustion and increases the life and quality of the engine.

Allaberdy Ilyasov emphasized that in our country AI-100 can be produced at the SNPZThe improved unit will significantly reduce energy costs, while the yield and quality of fuel will increase. The upgraded unit will make it possible to significantly reduce energy costs, while at the same time the fuel yield and quality will increase. In addition to efficiency and safety, such modernization will have a positive effect on the environment.


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