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Turkmenistan is a co-sponsor of the UN Resolution declaring the Aral Sea region a "zone of environmental innovation and technology

A resolution to declare the Aral Sea region a "zone of environmental innovation and technology," co-sponsored by Turkmenistan, was approved by the UN General Assembly. The creation of the document was initiated by Uzbekistan. In addition to Turkmenistan, there are about 50 other countries that sponsor it. Among them are Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

Last fall, during his speech at the UN, Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev called the Aral Sea region the epicenter of an environmental disaster. This happened because of the drying up of the Aral Sea. The head of Uzbekistan stressed that only by joint efforts can the problem be successfully solved. Among the ways out of this situation is the formation of a new landscape, the territory of which will be about 2 million hectares.

The Aral Sea used to be the fourth largest of the closed seas, but it has now shrunk to a small body of water. The species of birds, fish and animals that once lived in the region have disappeared, and the exposed parts of the sea have been transformed into salt deserts. Their area is more than 5.5 million hectares. Dust storms often rage here, worsening the condition of the air. The vegetation dies and the health of the people living in the Aral Sea region deteriorates. The sea is no longer recoverable, but the locals need help and protection.

By adopting the resolution initiated by Uzbekistan, the UN General Assembly has expressed its support for the activities carried out in the region. Their key objectives are to improve the environmental, economic and socio-demographic situation in the Aral Sea region.

Turkmenistan was not left out of this initiative, since the state has for many years sought to expand and deepen cooperation within the UN and the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, as well as interacting with a number of other significant associations to address issues on which the fate of all mankind depends.


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