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National Human Rights Action Plan presented in the capital of Turkmenistan

The National Human Rights Action Plan was presented at the State Center of Public Organizations. The document was developed for 2021-2025 in cooperation with international organizations. In particular, the UN Development Program Office took part in its creation. The National Plan was approved by the relevant Presidential Decree, signed in April of this year.

The heads and members of both chambers of the Turkmen Parliament - Mejlis and Khalk Maslakhaty, leaders of political parties, public figures, Ombudsman, heads of universities, heads and delegates of representative offices of international organizations operating in the country were invited to participate in the event.

In her opening speech, Gulshat Mammedova, the head of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, spoke about the importance of this document. In particular, the speaker stressed that the country is party to a number of international legal agreements in the field of human rights and freedoms. Turkmenistan continues to study the experience accumulated by the international community in this area.

Representatives of international organizations who took the floor praised the existing level of cooperation with Turkmen partners in this area. They emphasized the importance of joint activities with the Interdepartmental Commission, established to ensure the implementation of Turkmenistan's obligations on human rights and international humanitarian law.

The participants noted that the key goal of the adoption of the National Plan is to strengthen the state system of guaranteeing and protecting the rights and freedoms of people in the state. The document will also increase the effectiveness of the implementation of international obligations that Turkmenistan has undertaken, and will promote the development of partnerships with leading international organizations in the humanitarian sphere.


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