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Turkmenistan strengthens control at checkpoints

Today the updated law on the state border of Turkmenistan, adopted on May 4, 2013, came into force. We are talking about the addition of a new article 22.1, which provides for increased control measures at crossing points.

The text of the Law has been signed by the Head of State and comes into force from today - the day of its official publication. Approval of the activities under the added provision will be carried out by the Cabinet of the country.

According to the adopted amendments, in particular, the equipment of points on the state border with disinfection barriers for cars, installation of special devices for disinfection of cars and rail transport. Also, disinfection and fumigation procedures will be carried out with plants and plant products imported into the territory of Turkmenistan that fall under quarantine. Such measures are necessary to prevent situations that could affect the health of a large number of citizens.

These activities will be carried out by ministries and departments of the country on the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan

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