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Turkmenistan successfully develops new oil fields in the Caspian Sea

Thanks to the coordinated work of specialists of the State Concern "Türkmennebit" and the State Corporation "Türkmengeologiýa" the development of new promising fields located in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea is actively carried out. "Northern Goturdepe" and "Uzinada.

Thus, at the North Gothurdepe after the 3D seismic surveys construction of wells began. It is planned to drill a total of 60 wells with a depth of 4,500-5,500 meters, which will provide a significant increase in oil reserves.

Prospecting work at the Uzynada field is being carried out using innovative seismic and drilling methods. Scientists' assumptions about the presence of hydrocarbon reserves here have been confirmed after launching several exploration wells. Drilling works are carried out at the depth of 6900-7000 m. According to experts, the development of the Uzynada field will produce about 38.5 million tons of oil and gas condensate.


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