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Turkmenistan doubles procurement of vaccines

Prevention of infectious diseases plays a critical role in ensuring a stable epidemiological situation in the state. As emphasized by the SES of Turkmenistan, the immunization coverage in our country exceeds 95%, one of the highest rates in the region and the world.

High-quality immunobiological medicines that have received WHO certification have been procured by the Government of Turkmenistan through UNICEF for 25 years. Taking into account the increase in the child birth rate and the introduction of new vaccines, the Immunization plan For the years 2021-2025, funding for the purchase of necessary drugs will be doubled.

It should be noted that vaccination in Turkmenistan is carried out against 14 infections: measles, tetanus, viral hepatitis A and B, polio, diphtheria, rubella, tuberculosis, mumps, whooping cough and diseases caused by HPV, pneumococcal and rotavirus infections.


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