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The exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to the Ashgabat earthquake

Exhibition creative works devoted to The devastating Ashgabat earthquake 1948, opened in the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan. The event was organized on the occasion of Memorial Day. This day also commemorates all those who have fallen on the battlefields of all the wars in the world.

A terrible tragedy came to Ashkhabad on October 6, 1948. Under the cover of night, when people were serenely sleeping in their one-story mud brick houses, the ground shook. Most of the structures simply collapsed, burying unsuspecting people under the rubble.

There were so many casualties that the infirmary deployed on Karl Marx Street by the neurosurgeon Boris Smirnov and his assistants could not take all the wounded. As a result, the survivors who had sustained injuries of varying severity were transported to other Soviet republics.

Nothing in the appearance of modern white marble Ashgabat reminds one of the tragedy of the past years. The city has completely reborn from the ruins and has become a modern developed megalopolis. However, in memory of that terrible night there was erected a new city in the south-eastern part of the capital. Halk hakydasy" memorial complexsymbolizing the respect and immortal memory of the victims of the cataclysm.

Artists of different generations in their works also showed their vision of the dramatic events of 72 years ago. Their works are poignant and tragic, imbued with symbolism and pain of loss. The painters depicted destroyed houses, people who lost their relatives and loved ones, destruction of monuments of historical heritage of Turkmenistan on their canvases.


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