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"You are not alone" - a charity event in a nursing home

According to sociologists, one of the strongest stressors for adults is the experience of loneliness. This is most often observed in the elderly. It is generally accepted that it is at this age that people are more at risk of feeling lonely, which is less pronounced in the previous stages of life. Such cases can include a decrease in social activity, deterioration of health, reduction of psychophysical abilities, narrowing of the circle of communication, loss of close people, etc.

The situation is similar in nursing homes, but with a more pronounced manifestation. Dozens of women and men are left with feelings of loneliness day after day. According to the data studies British scientists performed in 2016, in old age loneliness can cause depression, paranoia, insomnia, psychosomatic complaints and increase the risk of heart disease.

On February 21 of this year, a group of young people came forward to fight against this psychosocial problem by organizing a charity event called "You are not alone" for the residents of the Ashgabat Home for the Elderly. The purpose of the visit was to bring the elderly out of social disequilibrium, i.e. to eliminate the deficit in interaction with their immediate environment.

Presentation of commemorative souvenirs

The action was pre-planned by the initiative volunteers a week in advance, and everyone who was interested had time to make a contribution, as well as to take an active or passive part afterwards. Among those not indifferent was a family with three children. Young brothers Ilya, Kirill and Rinat, who are 17, 16 and 12 years old respectively, were very creative and made them souvenirs for the day of the visit.

Memorable souvenirs for the men of the boarding house, made by the hands of children

On the occasion of the charity event, a tea party with tasty treats was held. Boarding house residents shared entertaining stories from their past, where each subsequently engaged in an interesting discussion with guests.

Tea Party

"Thanks to the impeccable work of the nursing home staff, the residents are provided with good living conditions. However, their monotonous, reclusive lifestyle can have a detrimental effect on their mood and mental health. The elderly need attention and constant companionship as much as anyone. In order not to let the decrease in social activity affect their psychosomatic state, it is important to keep a live connection with them", - says one of the volunteers of the action.

It is believed that loneliness is often exacerbated during the holidays, which people traditionally spend in the company of family, friends and loved ones. And so that the upcoming March 8 holiday will be significant for the elderly, volunteers have planned another visit to them, where they can congratulate all women with the holiday of spring.

"The primary goal of the campaign is to show the elderly that they are not alone, that they are important and needed. Not to let the light in their hearts go out. And the second one is a baton of kindness. To instill in the younger generation an inclination to do good deeds, to give joy and to see smiles," say the initiators of the event.

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