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The "positive" effect of coronavirus on the environment

According to Carbon Brief, China has significantly reduced its carbon dioxide emissions since the start of the new coronovirus epidemic.

Carbon Brief reports that the Middle Kingdom has almost 36% less nitrogen dioxide NO2 air pollution compared to the same period last year. In addition, while carbon dioxide CO2 emissions were 400 million tons in 2019, this year's figure is 100 million tons less.

The whole point is that the measures taken to contain the coronavirus led to a 15-40% reduction in production in key industries. The number of domestic flights dropped to 70% compared to last month. During the two-week period beginning Feb. 3 this year, average coal consumption at power plants fell to a four-year low. All of this has resulted in the Middle Kingdom's CO2 emissions falling by a quarter or more over the past two weeks.

Photo: National Geographic

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