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The school year in Turkmenistan will begin with new instructions from the Ministry of Education

By Order № 185 of the Minister of Education of August 14, 2020, the provisional Instruction on the organizational entry and provision of educational work on 2020-2021 the school year in general education institutions.

According to the document, the school year in the country will begin as usual, on September 1, but in view of the current situation related to the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, will be introduced new rules.

In particular, educational institutions that work on a contract basis with the sanitation and disease control service must conduct sanitation and disinfection once a week before and after the start of the school year.

It is the responsibility of school administrators to enforce these rules.

Students and staff will be greeted at school entrances by teachers on duty who will check everyone's temperature and make sure that all entrants treat their hands with disinfectants and their noses with oxolin ointment.

A separate paragraph in the instruction prescribes the treatment of the premises before and after school, as well as during the long break by the smoke of garmala (yuzyarlika).

Disinfection work is also prescribed after each shift.

According to the instructions, the number of students in each class should not exceed 10-15 people. In this regard, it is planned to divide classes with a large number of students.

Also, the duration of classes in schools has been revised, taking into account the age of students. So, each lesson will last 25 minutes for first graders, 30 minutes for grades 2-4, and 35 minutes for grades 5-11. Break times after each lesson will be 10 minutes, and the long break will be 20 minutes.

Schools with the largest number of students and classes may work on a separate timetable, having previously agreed with the General Directorate of Education.

In order to comply with the safe distance in general education institutions it is necessary:

  • open several entrances to buildings;
  • Ensure that medical masks are properly worn by students and all employees;
  • seating children in staggered order, with the distance between the desks should be 2 meters;
  • to restrict parents of students from going to school;
  • keep a safe distance in canteens, etc.

It is also recommended that assembly, sports, and reading rooms be used as needed for educational purposes.

Taking into account weather conditions in such subjects as physical education, labor, biology, natural history, ecology, history, fine arts, it is prescribed to hold classes on a separate schedule - outdoors, in the historical and cultural monuments, museums, botanical gardens, on the sports fields.

For the isolation of students and employees, in case of symptoms of infectious disease in each educational institution should be allocated special rooms.

The document was prepared in accordance with the temporary order of organizational entry and provision of educational work at the 2020-2021 school year in general education institutions, adopted by the Extraordinary Commission on Disease Control on August 9, 2020.