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Delayed coking unit will appear at TKNPZ

The U.S. WTL, in cooperation with the Arab consortium WTL (FZE), began installing a delayed coking unit at the TKNPZ.

The main contractor The main contractor is WTL from the USA, which has already supplied equipment to the Seyda The main contractor is the US firm WTL, which has already delivered equipment to the Seyda refinery to ensure the production of 37.2 thousand tons of road bitumen. At the Turkmenbashi Refinery complex WTL is building a complex consisting of 2 units of ultrasonic testing and deasphalting unit. at the Turkmenbashi complex, WTL is setting up a complex made up of two units: a refining unit and a tar deasphalting unit. This will help recycle residual tar and fuel oil.

According to the plan the volume production will amount to 900 thousand tons of products per year. In addition to petroleum coke, The plant will produce liquefied petroleum gas, which after purification will be exported. export after purification. The planned volume of tar oil processing is 500 thousand tons.

Coke oven gasoline produced at Coke oven gasoline is a component of gasoline A-80 and is used as a raw material for production of high-octane fuel. Light coke gasoil will be to be used for production of Euro-5, while heavy coke will be used as feedstock for catalytic catalytic cracking.

In the future it is possible to The new units for the production of a new petroleum product - needle coke. coke. This will allow TKNPZ to work with international partners from China, India, Europe and CIS.

The UZK is planned to be put into operation in 2022. This is expected to increase production volumes and efficiency by increasing refining depth by 10-20 % and ensuring improved quality of petroleum products.


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