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An exhibition for the Turkmen Carpet Festival opened in the administrative center of Lebap velayat of Turkmenistan

Lebap Velayat Administration Center opened an exhibition for the Turkmen Carpet Festival

Turkmenabat held an exhibition dedicated to the Turkmen Carpet Festival - the Museum of History and Regional Studies of Lebap velayat of Turkmenistan is showing its exhibits to the visitors. A separate stand in the museum room draws attention with colorfully illustrated books written by the President of Turkmenistan. In his works "The Beauty of Heaven" and "Living Legend" the head of state told the whole world about the pride and wealth of the nation - Turkmen carpets.

Carpets of different sizes form the exposition. And every ornament on them is unique and inimitable. There are carpets of different epochs, including those created in XIII century, which are the oldest among all exhibited items.

It should be noted that the canvases created in Lebap are characterized by a characteristic ornamentation. Products are divided into groups - Beshir, Krarki, Gyzylayak. It is noted that fabrics created in Beshir village, which used to be a large carpet weaving center, have extremely intricate ornamentation. They have different shapes and rich color spectrum. Specialists believe that Beshir stands out among other ethnic groups by its different color backgrounds. Their attractiveness is in the complex harmony and original appearance.

Kerki has a gel made in the form of regular octagons, which are called "ersari gel". Inside, they are divided into four parts. In them, there are alternately, on a dark and light background, plant ornaments. The spaces between the main gels are filled with rosettes with toothed leaves.

Gyzylayak are rugs, the central field of which are medallions-multi-facets. Star-like divisions are formed of them.

Visitors to the exhibition can also get acquainted with small kinds of carpets. These include the framing of the entrance (hapylyk), and the decoration put on the camel during a wedding (duye-halyk), and the curtain hung on the door leading into the yurt (ensi), and many others. A separate place in the exhibition belongs to the women's national clothes and tools, which are used by the masters in their work, because it is women's hands that create such a cozy beauty.

At the exhibition you can also admire the silk carpets - they attract the eye with their colors and fine patterns.

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