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Turkmenistan's Acute Infection Response Plan presented

Turkmenistan's Acute Infection Response Plan presented

The Ministry of Health presented the Plan for Preparedness to Confront and Respond to Acute Infections in Turkmenistan. The document was adopted on April 16 of this year.

In addition to specialists from the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan, participants included employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, as well as a number of other ministries and structures. Employees of international organizations operating in Turkmenistan were also invited to participate.

The plan was presented by joint efforts of representatives of the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan and the WHO country office. Deputy Minister of Health of the country Ch.Agamyradov, UNICEF Representative K.Weygand, EU Ambassador to Turkmenistan Diego Ruiz Alonso, representative of the Japanese Embassy in Turkmenistan K.Shunusuke, head of the Turkmen representative office of the Asian Development Bank C.C. Yu and others addressed the audience with their speeches.

After reviewing the goals of the Plan, participants discussed ways to implement them.

Among the key goals of the Plan, the speakers outlined the following: countering the spread of infections, supporting stable rates of socio-economic development of the state during the pandemic, upgrading the material and technical base of the health system to overcome COVID-19, using the progressive experience of other countries. Particular emphasis was placed on the research work carried out in collaboration with foreign partners, both in the region and around the world, as well as on the active and extensive practical use of innovations.

Recall that in Turkmenistan The National Program for Improving the Immunity of State Citizens in 2021-2025 was approved.The program was implemented in the form of an action plan, as well as an action plan to implement the program.

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