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The use of IMO standards was discussed in Ashgabat

Representatives of Caspian littoral states met in Ashgabat to consider application of protocols, conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in relation to the Caspian Sea. This was the sixth meeting on the issue, this time delegates from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran came to Turkmenistan. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Communications and the Caspian Institute.

Constructive dialogue and transparent regulatory frameworks among riparian countries are necessary for full development of the region. Therefore the signing of IMO documents with adaptation to the peculiarities of the Caspian Sea plays an important role in achieving navigational safety and coordinate the mechanisms of cooperation between the countries in relation to maritime shipping. The position of Turkmenistan, voiced by the head of state, in this direction Turkmenistan's position on this matter is based on the principles of neutrality and building friendly neighborly relations. relations.

At the conclusion of the The delegates stressed the planned progress of agreeing on the draft Protocol on cooperation to ensure safety of navigation in the Caspian Sea. В The document, among other things, provides for items on preventing accidents, saving of ships and transport objects, protection of lives of crews and passengers.


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