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Mintkstilprom's brand stores opened in Ashgabat

Ashgabat, September 17, / Arzuw NEWS/. New stores of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan opened on Oguz-Khan Street (former Aytakov Street, 11mkrt). Stores of the brands "Nusaý", "Gala", "Bürgüt", "TG Aýakgap", "Altyn asyr çagalar dünýäsi" are located on both sides of the SE "Dokmakyzmat" and offer customers clothes, shoes and home textiles at affordable prices.

Türkmen Galkan Aýakgap ("TG Aýakgap") was founded in 1997. A variety of handmade bags and natural leather shoes are made from products of Geokdepe and Mary tanneries. Children's leather shoes cost from 200 to 230 manat, women's and men's shoes for adults from 200 to 250 manat, jeans from 100 to 160 manat and bags from 700 to 1000 manat.

"Altyn asyr çagalar dünýääsi" - goods of the association of producers "Bahar" and the store of the textile complex of Mary province "Ýeňiş" offer children socks for 5 manat, winter sweaters for 50-100 manat, shirts for boys for 85 manat, clothing sets for one-year-old sold for 30-85 manat, toys for 45-150 manat, sets for newborns for 55 manat.

The Bürgüt store at the S. Niyazov Textile Complex sells jerseys for people of different ages. Sportswear for children ranges from 200 to 300 manat, T-shirts for adults from 50 to 70 manat, children's T-shirts from 40 to 45 manat.

"Gala" is another store belonging to S.A. Niyazov's textile complex, offering floor clothes for 60-120 manat, sweaters for 120-300 manat, pants for 120-100 manat, baby clothes for 100-120 manat, baby bodywear for 30-35 manat, baby sweaters for 30-60 manat.

The "Nusaý" brand belongs to the textile complex named after S. Turkmenbashi. S. Turkmenbashi and has been operating since 2000. This store sells pajamas for 22 manat, T-shirts for 43 manat, linens for 200-230 manat, children's pajamas for 43-56 manat. "Nusaý opened its first store in 2007 at 13 Ch. Nurimov Street. In addition to this new store, the company also launched an online store

It should be noted that such textile stores were previously open and at 117 Niyazov Street (formerly Hudaiberdiev Street).

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