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Ashgabat honored the best representatives of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan

On November 16, on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization at the Center for Public Organizations in the capital, the most enterprising participants were recognized.

The youth organization in Turkmenistan is a powerful social force, bringing together more than 900,000 young people across the country. The main goals of the movement are to represent the interests and all-round development of the younger generation.

According to tradition on the day of education organization held a holiday, where a solemn atmosphere was rewarded the most active in the work and creativity of young people: graduate students, students, teachers, students, members of the creative studios, journalists, employees of ministries and departments.

On behalf of the Leader of the Nation this year, 47 people from different regions and the capital of Turkmenistan received certificates, as well as valuable gifts - domestic Tolkun smart TVsThe young specialists of the company "Aýdyň gijeler" take part in its production.

For the guests of the holiday was organized by a concert of creative groups, as well as an exhibition of achievements of our country.


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