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Ashgabat honored the memory and works of Alexander Pushkin

In honor of the Russian Language Day, established by the UN in 2010, and the 221st anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin, celebrations took place in the Pushkin Square of the capital of Turkmenistan on June 6. Members of the Russian Embassy and students of the joint Turkmen-Russian Pushkin school gathered to remember the genius of the classics of Russian literature, known around the world.

The participants of the event were addressed by the Minister Counselor of the Embassy K. Shlykov. In gratitude for the invaluable legacy of the great poet, the gathered admirers laid flowers at his monument and read the poems of the Russian writer that do not lose their relevance over time. The monument to Pushkin is a creation of architect A. Butuzov, which was erected in 1911 thanks to funds raised by the residents of the capital of Turkmenistan.

On the stage of the Joint Turkmen-Russian secondary school named after Pushkin, the students presented a musical and theatrical performance, which brought the guests to the Pushkin era through the revived images of literary characters.


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