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Ashgabat hosts an exhibition of works by Turkmen artist Almamedov

The opening of the exhibition was marked by the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the birth of Turkmen artist Almamedov.

Hundreds of canvases of the folk painter are on display in the exhibition halls.

In his paintings, the mountains and valleys of Turkmenistan magically come to life, and still lifes of a floral orientation have always been a trademark of the celebrated artist.

Painting experts often compare the work of the great master to skillful poetry, which captures the senses of people, making them long to admire.

You can feel the love for his native land and its people in his works. This is what inspired him to find incredible shades of color to immortalize his native landscapes.

The artist is known not only for his realistic paintings. During the years of his life he raised more than one generation of talented representatives of the fine arts, who continue the work he started with dignity.

Despite his advanced age, Almamedov continues to paint amazing pictures and pass on his invaluable experience to the younger generation.



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