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The housing estate continues to grow in Bezmein district of the capital of Turkmenistan

The "Demirbetonönümleri" enterprise continues to expand its housing estate in the Bezmein etrap of Ashgabat. This year it is planned to build 15 32-apartment residential buildings. The construction is carried out on Senagat Street. The buildings are erected with factory-ready construction panels.

Today, building panels and houses made of them are a popular direction of the national program of urban development. The residential structures being built today in Bezmeinski etrap are technologically advanced structures made in full compliance with modern energy efficiency and safety requirements.

In Turkmenistan, a number of large-scale large-panel house-building enterprises have been reconstructed. This allowed a change in the approach to urban development. The factories began to apply new industrial technologies, which resulted in increased labor efficiency. The specialists of the enterprises also improved the quality of reinforced concrete structures and increased their production volumes. It is from such improved panels that high-rise buildings were assembled, both in the capital and in the velayat centers.

So, last year, 20 large-panel buildings were erected in Bezmein etrap, which have already received newcomers. A total of 640 families moved into new 2-3-room apartments of high comfort. Also, 7 four-storey apartment buildings with 224 apartments were built in Akhal Street and are already inhabited.

At the moment in Bezmeinski etrap a comprehensive development of the residential area is being carried out. Inside the residential areas there are temporary parking lots, play areas, and sports fields. There is already a secondary school, and in the second phase of construction there will also be a kindergarten for 160 children.

But the second stage will not be the last in the process of erecting residential buildings in Bezmein etrap. There are plans to erect 13 more apartment buildings, which will allow twice as many tenants to move into new houses. The customers of the housing estate construction and its arrangement are the structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of Turkmenistan.


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