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Mathematics students from Turkmenistan won the International Olympiad

Students of the Makhtumkuli Turkmen State University (TSU) won the 14th Open International Mathematical Internet Olympiad. The event was held at the initiative of the Israeli Ariel University. The participants representing Turkmenistan won two gold medals, joining the list of 12 winners with the "gold". IT students Akmukhammet Akmuradov, a first year student, and Resul Shamukhammedov, a sophomore, managed to represent their country worthily.

TSU students won two silver medals. Second places went to Ramazan Bakhtiyarov (5th year) and Eziz Saparov (1st year). Third year student Murat Sapaev brought the bronze medal to his country.

Such high results in the prestigious international mathematical competition were achieved not only due to the outstanding abilities of the students, but also due to the work of their teachers and mentors, as well as the reforms implemented in the Turkmen educational sector. In recent years, digital technologies have been more actively introduced into the educational process, and mastering of foreign languages has become even more accessible for students.

But not only the students of Makhtumkuli Turkmen State University worthily represented Turkmenistan at the International Mathematical Olympiad. The students of other Turkmen universities also excelled in the above-mentioned competition, adding another 5 silver and 6 bronze medals to the treasury. In the end, out of 49 medals won by finalists of the Olympiad, representatives of Turkmenistan won 16. This is a very significant result, bearing in mind that four hundred students representing 35 universities and colleges from such countries as Russia, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, India, Uzbekistan and, of course, Israel participated in the 14th Super Final of the Open International Mathematical Internet-Olympiads.


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