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9 new schools will be built in Dashoguz

On Thursday, the governor of Dashoguz province announced that nine new schools would be built in the province's cities and etraps.

New schools will be built in the districts named after S.A. Niyazov, Baldumsaz, Kunyaurgench, Akdepe, Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, Gorogly, Gubadag (2). In the city of Dashoguz it is also planned to put into operation schools for 600 pupils.

According to the announcement, a cultural center, a polyclinic and five kindergartens are expected to be built in the country's northern province.

The schools to be built in the etraps will be designed for 420 pupils, and kindergartens for 160 children.

The announcement notes that the new facilities will be built under the new version of the "National Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the transformation of social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, towns of etraps and etrap centers for the period up to 2020.

The Hakimlik of Dashoguz province will entrust the construction of the relevant facilities to local institutions and enterprises.

As part of the National Rural Program, 20 polyclinics, 163 pre-school education institutions, 201 general education schools and 16 cultural centers will be built in the velayats of Turkmenistan. In accordance with this program Dashoguz velayat will receive investments of 2907.3 million manat.

According to the Program of the President of Turkmenistan on the social and economic development of the country for 2019-2025," GDP growth of up to 11.5 percent is expected in construction within seven years.

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