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A monument to Turkmenistan's great thinker Makhtumkuli Fraghi was unveiled in Iran

A monument to Turkmenistan's great thinker Makhtumkuli Fraghi was unveiled in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has held celebrations dedicated to Turkmenistan's great thinker Makhtumkuli Fraghi. A new monument to the famous poet and sage was unveiled in Golestan province. The monument is located at the entrance to the city of Gonbade-Kavus. It was erected with the financial support of the city municipality.

A conference was also held in Gonbade-Kavus, the theme of which was the creative legacy of Makhtumkuli. The forum was organized at the initiative of the Makhtumkuli Fraghi Institute. The event was facilitated by the provincial General Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance. During the forum it was noted that the organizing committee received more than 50 articles from all over the country.

The Vice-Governor of Golestan, Ehsan Maktabi, emphasized Mahtumkuli's educational mission in his speech. He stressed that to better understand the philosophy of the great thinker, one should know the Turkmen language and get acquainted with the originals of his works.

Zulfikar Amirshahi, head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry's representative office in Golestan, described Mahtumkuli as a preacher of ethnic unity. He noted that the true face of the great Turkmen philosopher is revealed in his patriotic reflections.

The events dedicated to Fraghi were held in the territory of Aktokay village (Golestan province, IRI), where the tombs of famous poets and thinkers Makhtumkuli and his father Dovletmammad Azadi are located. The participants included the Governor of Golestan Hadi Hagshenasi, Iranian parliamentarians, representatives of the country's scientific and literary circles and the local population.

It was noted that these events contribute to the popularization of the creative heritage of Makhtumkuli. This, in turn, helps preserve the native language and cultural traditions of ethnic Turkmens around the world.


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