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Kazakhstan celebrates the 80th birthday of Nursultan Nazarbayev

On July 6, the people of Kazakhstan with special respect and gratitude celebrate the 80th anniversary of the First President - the Leader of the Nation, a successful reformer who skillfully led the development of the country and brought it to a new level.

Nursultan Nazarbayev assumed the highest office on December 1, 1991. After the collapse of the USSR, the situation in Kazakhstan was extremely difficult, both in terms of geopolitics, economy and socio-demographic situation. Kazakhstan's leader was able to choose the best strategy under the circumstances and create an effective model of government. The first President in the time of crisis managed to unite the nation consisting of more than 130 nationalities, to build foreign policy relations with neighboring states and the international community.

In the early 1990s, Nursultan Nazarbayev introduced his own model of the Kazakhstan Way, in which the main priority was given to economic development. This was the time of the First Modernization, when large-scale reforms were carried out in all spheres. On the basis of the new Constitution the political model of a democratic state was built, market economy mechanisms were introduced, and diplomatic relations with other states were established.

The second stage of modernization continued until the mid-2010s. During this period, as a result of successfully carried out reforms, the economy showed stable development, the system of state bodies was formed, and the middle class appeared. In the early 1990s GDP per capita was about $700, but in 2013 it was $12,000. Particularly significant events of this period were the construction of the new capital, Nur-Sultan, and Kazakhstan's entry into the top 50 most competitive countries in the world in 2012.

The progressive development of Kazakhstan continued during the Third Modernization, which began in 2017. Thanks to the thoughtful policy of the Leader of the Nation, the country's GDP increased from $22 billion to $184 billion, and according to the World Bank's Doing Business rating, Kazakhstan rose from 86th position (2005) to 25th (2019).

An important component of Nazarbayev's successful strategy is the strengthening of the country's position in the international arena. It should be noted that the partnership between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan is built on the positions of trust, respect, and good neighborliness established by the first presidents of the countries.

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