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Changes have been made in passenger transportation by rail

In connection with ongoing sanitary and epidemiological measures throughout Turkmenistan, Turkmendemiryollary Agency (Turkmen Railways, ed.) notifies passengers about the introduction of some changes to the rules of travel in Turkmenistan. This is reported on the official website of the agency.

When boarding a train in the directions to the border stations: Serhetabat, Kaahka, Kerki, Gazozhak, Takhtabazar, Etrek, Gyorogly, Darganata and Farab passengers need to present additional documents: health certificate issued by the health centers at the place of residence or permission from the police, or a document confirming a business trip.

Also, the message says that the service is temporarily not available to purchase tickets online (tickets are sold only at the ticket offices of the station). 

In addition, in connection with the health screening of all passengers, it is necessary to report for boarding in at least 45 minutes before the train departs.

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