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Lebapsyýahat has added ecotourism to its list of services

Economic Tourist Enterprise "Lebapsyýahat."" added to the list of services provided to guests of Turkmenistan, ecotourism. Enterprise, privatized in 2019, is keeping up with current trends in tourism. The employees listen to the wishes of tourists, so constantly expand the "geography" of places of excursions.

Especially The guests of Turkmenistan are especially attracted to such exotic parts of Lebap velayat, such as Koytendag and the Repetek state biosphere reserve. Tourists will now have the opportunity to They will not only see the footprints of prehistoric lizards and visit saxaul "Forests", but also to taste unique national dishes in festive white yurts.

Every year with With the help of "Lebapsyýahat" tours to different parts of Turkmenistan and the world about 6 thousand tourists. The company provides services such as issuing visas, accommodation accommodation and tickets for transportation, organization of tours, etc. People who come here can arrange tours to UAE, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Thailand, Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. During foreign trips "Lebapsyýahat offers travelers to make various sightseeing tours to sights of the chosen country.

The Lebapsyýahat Tourist Enterprise was founded in 1999. Today it employs employees with excellent knowledge of twenty foreign languages.


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