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A new vaccine against COVID-19 was tested in Russia

A new vaccine against COVID-19 was tested on volunteers at Sechenov University. Tests started on June 18, discharge is scheduled for July 15 and 20. As noted at the University, the main task of the experiment was to prove the safety of the vaccine for humans.

Before immunization, project participants were tested for antibodies to COVID-19 and then isolated for 2 weeks. The test subjects were divided into two groups, and depending on this, they were injected with 1 or 2 doses of the vaccine. During the first days after the injection there was an increase in temperature, otherwise there were no adverse effects on the body. Volunteers also showed increased emotional stress due to the need to be in isolation.

After discharge, people will be able to lead normal lives, while doctors will continue to monitor their condition. Further work on the vaccine will depend on the situation with COVID-19 and the ability to organize large-scale production.


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