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An exhibition of national works for the Carpet Festival was held in the capital of Turkmenistan

An exhibition of national works for the Carpet Festival was held in the capital of Turkmenistan

A demonstration of national works was held in the capital of Turkmenistan, timed to coincide with the upcoming Carpet Festival, traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of May.

The event was hosted by the Center of Public Organizations of Turkmenistan and was organized by the Council of Turkmen Women in cooperation with the state union Turkmenkover and the National Center of Trade Unions.

It is noted that the carpet is in the list of the key embodiments of Turkmen culture. History of Turkmen people is closely intertwined not only with horse breeding, but also with carpet weaving and art of bakhshi. Visitors to the Museum of National Carpet will see the items created 200, 300 and even 400 years ago among its exhibits. Ornaments woven on such carpets can tell a lot about the inspiration of masters of those times.

The sources of inspiration for the ancestors of Turkmenistan have traditionally been animals, flowers and everything related to the natural environment. Despite the history of carpet weaving going back many centuries, most of the processes have survived almost unchanged. If a rug is woven by hand - masters do it in the same way as their predecessors did 100 or even 1000 years ago.

Modern masters have similar carpet weaving tools in their arsenal, but the palette of colors has undoubtedly become richer now. And although the patterns have remained mostly the same, new aspects have emerged. Thus, Turkmenistan has noticeably transformed in recent years. Not only Ashgabat but other cities of the country are pleasing to the eye. Modern buildings are being erected, parks and fountains are being opened. All this, of course, is also depicted in the works of artisans.

The younger generation is also keenly interested in the heritage of their ancestors. For example, pupils of secondary school No. 45 take an elective course in sewing and tailoring. Myakhridzhemal Bereketova, a teacher and a member of the Turkmen Women's Council, passes on her experience and skill to them.

According to one of her students, Jemal Tadzhiyeva, every year the club's participants present their handmade Turkmen national dresses during Novruz Bayram and International Women's Day. The girl said that her dream is to become a teacher like Maryajemal Bereketova to serve as a good example for other Turkmen girls.

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