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The expert proposed to develop a park of innovative technologies in Turkmenistan

The expert proposed to develop a park of innovative technologies in Turkmenistan

Head of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, Yuri Aronsky, an expert from the editorial board of, talks in his article about the possibility of developing an innovative technology park in the country.

During the transition from resource-based to industrial-resource-based economy, Turkmenistan accumulated large reserves (from foreign and local investors and the population) to invest not only in the hydrocarbon production and processing industry, but also in other areas. This process became possible due to the introduction of the stock exchange, corporatization, business valuation of enterprises and capital.

Global experience has shown that during the evolution of the economy to the industrial-digital innovation stage, IT effectively solves the problem of attracting investment and the introduction of a significant number of jobs. Moreover, state investments are absent or minimal.

In accordance with the state programs until 2025, Turkmenistan is working intensively in the digital sphere. According to experts of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, the most effective way to implement these programs is to develop a high-tech park, where branches of global IT-companies, innovative enterprises of Turkmenistan and Turkmen startups operate within a particular location.

Based on global practice, the optimal location for such a high-tech park is a free economic zone in the state capital, which already has a developed infrastructure. In addition to facilitating business operations, such a location opens up access to the recruitment of talented educated personnel.

Joint projects of world giants Microsoft, Intel, Huawei and Turkmen enterprises will enable young specialists to get necessary experience and get acquainted with advanced ideas of IT, biotechnological, innovative companies. The compact placement and creation of a common business environment will produce a synergetic effect, and eventually lead to the emergence of many successfully "shot" startups.

According to the forecast of the IT branch of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, in 5 years after the start of the free economic zone, called "Innovative Turkmenistan" by experts, we can expect a pool of 10 branches of global companies, 20 offices of domestic IT leaders, 50 startups and 1000 highly qualified specialists.

Experts expect that on the basis of "Innovation Turkmenistan" it will be possible to bring up new leaders of innovation-oriented economy in just a few years. The new generation will be able to initiate the modernization of business not only through private business, but possibly through the public sector. It is also important that young specialists will be able to gain innovative experience within their native country.

At the end of the article the Head of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan notes that according to the optimistic estimates about 3 thousand specialists will work to prepare the state and domestic business for the global digital reality and the challenges of the IV industrial revolution.


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