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UNICEF and WHO held a briefing in the capital of Turkmenistan

On February 15, an online briefing was organized for the media on the interim results of the Acute Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, featuring representatives from UNICEF and the WHO Country Office.

This is the third meeting on this topic. Previous meetings dealt with issues of public awareness of the need for good hygiene, a safe school start, and so on. This year's conference was devoted to effective methods of communicating information to the public about prophylactic ways to protect against infections. The participants of the briefing discussed the prospect of creating special handbook on this topic, and also considered the experience of other countries.

Particular attention was paid to preventive ways to combat with acute infectious diseases. Thus, UNICEF will continue working with the State Committee on TV and Radio of Turkmenistan to create animations on hygiene, as this method of delivering information has shown to be effective.

A WHO Country Office representative recalled the importance of the key ingredients of preventive measures during a pandemic - masks, distance and hygiene.


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