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A humanitarian cargo from the WHO arrived in Turkmenistan

WHO seeks further cooperation with Turkmenistan, particularly with regard to combating the spread of COVID-19. In the current circumstances, the organization believes that it is essential for states to join efforts to combat the threat that looms over all mankind.

Turkmenistan actively participates in combating the pandemic by providing humanitarian support to a number of countries. The preventive work being carried out in our country was outlined in the message of the Head of Turkmenistan to the WHO Director General.

In addition to the national plan to prevent the spread of the infection, the country has a plan of socio-economic measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Together with the UN, Turkmenistan is developing a 3rd National Plan, which will spell out humanitarian issues related to the pandemic.

Thanks to the WHO, Turkmen medical workers will receive 320,000 masks, 130,000 respirators, more than 88,000 shields, 18,000 goggles and 12,000 special clothes.


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