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Turkmenistan may amend the Customs Code

Turkmenistan may amend the Customs Code

During a government meeting, it was proposed to amend the Customs Code of Turkmenistan. Deputy Prime Minister Chary Gylydzhov, who is responsible for trade and entrepreneurship, approached the Turkmen leader with a proposal to make changes.

It follows from the proposal that from August 1 this year, it is planned to introduce a customs duty on the export of paper waste from the country given for recycling. The main purpose of the measure is to increase the volume of recycled paper by domestic enterprises and, consequently, reduce the price of paper products in the domestic market. It will also contribute to a fuller realization of the potential of Turkmen businesses.

Deputy Prime Minister noted that private entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan have production capacities enabling them to recycle over 22 thousand tons of waste paper annually. Turkmen entrepreneurs use recycled paper waste to manufacture a wide range of products, including packaging, napkins, notebooks, and more.

Having heard this initiative, the President of Turkmenistan stressed the importance of further careful study and analysis of such an important topic.



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