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The number of entrepreneurs is growing in Turkmenistan

The number of entrepreneurs is growing in Turkmenistan

According to the results of the first half of 2021 the number of entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan has increased. Thus, there were 8.5% more individuals registered with the state tax authorities during this period engaged in entrepreneurial activities. This data was published by the Turkmen Ministry of Finance.

As of 2020, there were 57,422 thousand individual entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan. At the beginning of June this year, their number increased to 62,332 thousand.

The increase in the number of individuals engaged in individual entrepreneurial activity testifies to the growth of material well-being of Turkmens and the emergence of new opportunities for organizing their own business in the country. With this purpose Turkmenistan carries out activities aimed at improving the taxation system, simplifying registration procedures and issuing licenses for those wishing to engage in business.

Among the priorities of a number of government programs are improving the business climate in the country and drawing the attention of stakeholders to the opportunities available in the private sector. All this helps the national economy to actively pursue the path of diversification and innovative development.

At the moment, Turkmenistan has all the necessary conditions to be able to organize their business without creating a legal entity. This type of activity is classified as a small business. In this case, businessmen mostly work only for themselves, without hiring other workers.

How we wrote earlierThe number of entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan is an important indicator of the development of market relations in the state, as described by economic experts.



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